Decorate Me started in 2008 to offer high quality affordable jewelry to the public.  Decorate Me is a company that cares about their customers and is not a faceless company based overseas that is just interested in your money.  Decorate Me is located in Rogers Arkansas and all of our order ship from this location so their is no weeks of waiting for your items.

These are the most common piercings we see at Decorate Me.  There ais many other types of piercing not covered that you or someone you know may have.

1.Industrial Piercing.  Industrial piercings are any two pierced holes connected with a single straight piece of jewelry.  Industrial piercings are usually 14g, and the barbell jewelry is usually worn.  Typically, this piercing heals in about 3-4 weeks to six months.

2.  Cartilage and Helix Piercings.  Cartilage and Helix piercings are any piercing along the outer rim of the upper ear.  Typically this piercing heals in about 3-4 weeks to six months.

3. Belly or Navel Piercings.  Navel piercings are surface piercings located in or around the navel.  Typically a curved bar of 14g is worn but captive beads and horseshoe shaped rings are also popular.  Navel rings can be difficult to heal due to constant irritation by clothing.  Typically this piercing heals in 6-8 months.

4.  Tongue Piercing.  The standard size for a tongue ring is 14g barbells in 5/8" length.  It is possible to stretch your tongue piercing up in gauge size.  Typically it take 3-6 weeks.